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Do you have too much to do and not enough YOU to handle it all?

A few years ago my daughter walked into my office after school to see how my day went. I don’t even remember what she asked but I do remember my reply was given in a very irritated, not very mother of the year voice. When she asked what was wrong I rattled off everything I had to do and what little time I had to do it in.  As I stopped to take a breath, she replied, ‘Wow, you have a full plate with no fork.’

She was right, it does feel like we’re all living with a full plate of ‘to dos’ and no fork to move them off the plate. In fact I believe most of us are. Business experts, stress anaylists and even the U.S. Government officially call this the “full plate” syndrome! And I don’t know about you, but I am tired of living that way.

How did this happen?

We want it all but we don’t have time to do it all, so we get further and further behind. It all comes down to choice; it’s your life and you’re in charge!

Tomorrow, today, this minute, we can make a change—So Why Don’t We?

Each day we make hundreds of choices about what we will do or not do. What we choose determines who we are, who we will become and how others view us.  My mission is to identify and share with you concrete tips, tools and steps that enable you to make the best decisions for your life, your work and your future. The result is less stress, improved attitude and renewed sense of personal responsibility.

What are you waiting for?

From corporations to associations, teachers to lawyers, my message is always a healthy mixture of down to earth information, hands on activities and voluntary involvement of the audience with my own unique brand of creative fun!  For over 20 years my programs have helped clients in a variety of industries:



~Government Agencies

~State and National Associations

~Financial Institutions


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“Darla’s training is relevant for all areas of life: fun & innovative!”                Nansi Clark, Intercontinental Hotels Group

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