Darla Arni is a high energy speaker, author, trainer and coach who helps others navigate through life’s choices by imparting awareness and hope with a healthy dose of practical life skills. She offers keynotes, workshops, seminars and private coaching on the topics of attitude, life/work balance, stress, creativity, and speaking skills. From corporations to associations, teachers to lawyers, her message is always a mixture of down to earth information, hands on activities and voluntary involvement of the audience with her unique brand of creative fun!

Her life strategies and experiences have been featured on CNN.com, MSNBC’s online magazine, Self Employed magazine, The Daily Buzz/Head Drama, iVillage, the Grindstone.com, Reuters, and VoiceAmerica and BlogTalk radio in addition to her e-newsletter and recent book, ‘Full Plate no fork’.

Since 1992 she has inspired thousands of people to take charge of their lives and leaves them with concrete ways to maintain a good attitude while carrying on with the demands of life and work.

Most Requested Programs

All topics are available as keynotes, breakouts, half-day or full-day programs and are customized to meet YOUR audience’s needs.

Full Plate No Fork:

Do you have too much to do but not enough YOU to handle it all? Business experts and lifestyle specialists call this the “full plate” syndrome. We want it all but we don’t have time to do it all, so we keep getting more and more behind. Learn concrete tips, tools and steps that enable you to make the best decisions for your life. The result is life balance, empowerment and an empty plate!

 Attitude Matters: today, tomorrow, forever!

Our attitude is a mindset of how we mentally filter what is happening in our lives. It is contagious, it affects you physically—and it is a CHOICE!  This presentation examines important attitude clues, the Top Killer Phrases that affect attitude, and the Top 12 Ways to Improve Your Attitude. With humor and interaction you will learn how your attitude measures up, what you can do about it and how taking action can improve your life.

 The Multi-tasking Myth

Multi-tasking sounds like a great idea but the premise is false. You can’t possibly be doing several tasks with equal attention and emphasis. This popular presentation empowers everyone to take charge of the times of your life rather than doing several things in mediocre fashion and rarely remembering what you have done. Learn how to regain focus and devise your own unique formula for setting priorities and following through.

Beyond Words: Is Anybody Listening?

Most people know their content but don’t know how to communicate so audiences will listen. Some Top Fear lists rate public speaking as the #1 fear among individuals, even over death! While that seems a bit extreme, it can be nerve racking.  This program teaches tools and techniques that will calm your stage fright and allow you to connect with your audience with confidence and humor. To do that it will address: the importance of body language, best use of visuals,voice issues (speed, tone, emphasis, and confidence), how to keep your audience’s attention and much more. Prepare to participate and learn while having fun!  (Program is also available for private coaching or small groups.)

“You were the perfect ending to a great conference. You really connected with our audience.         Our folks, myself included, fully enjoyed your facilitative style, audience interaction and participation. Your message on attitude was one that we need to hear often!”      
Barbara Agin, New Jersey Credit Union League
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